Truly advanced organizations can no longer make the costly mistake of pouring resources into business processes in an effort to become more effective and overpower the competition. Many business processes must be completely restructured, not just automated. Automating a bad process simply ensures that a company can do a bad job faster.

This is why we, at Taiun, are really taking quality and process VERY seriously. Quality is doing the job right every time-which means on-time, zero loss and zero damage on every traditional, special freight and warehousing, or logistics project.

In order for us to achieve these goals, we must maintain a focus on all of the "processes" the organization performs with the goal of doing all tasks better; at both a macro (high) level and a micro (detailed, step-by-step analysis) level. We have adopted an ISO9002 model for achieving our goals.

Taiun takes pride in being a pioneer for excellence in the logistic Industry.